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Plastic Recycling by NGTSHere at NGTS we have set ourselves apart with our entrepreneurial spirit and aim to please. We offer the several different options for single stream recycling. The most popular service we offer is the drop trailer service. All recyclables are placed on one trailer, brought back to our plant and processed. Another option is to drop a roll off compactor or open top container. This solution offers clients with limited space the ability to have all scraps collected in one container. The last option is for us to place a baler at the customer’s plant. We supply the baler, wire ties, as well prompt pickup when there is a load of bales ready for pickup.

Accomplishing your goals of waste reduction as well as reuse and recycling are made easier. With a thorough evaluation of your company’s waste stream, we can offer not only the best service, but can pay top dollar for your company’s waste.

  • We buy cardboard, plastics, as well as scrap metal.
  • We pay cash for heavy machinery and other outdated equipment.
  • We provide an E-waste recycling program at no cost to our clients.

In many cases, recycling dust and floor sweeps has helped our clients avoid landfills fees and bills.

We have built our business around our clients and provided them with the best options on recycling scrap plastics.

The biggest advantage of single stream recycling is that we take all forms of scraps on one trailer so that there is no unnecessary confusion of multiple trailers and vendors.

We have three locations to offer the best service. Our Lafayette, GA plant provides a spring board for plastic and cardboard recycling in Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Our Calhoun, GA plant gives us recycling opportunities in Atlanta, Chatsworth, and Jasper. Our Summerville, GA facility is set up to handle recycling in Rome, Georgia as well as recycling in Fort Payne and Birmingham, AL areas.

Recycling Services in GA & TN

Recycling - Helping the EnvironmentLand fill costs can be some of the largest avoidable costs of doing business. They are often overlooked and dismissed as anecessary evil, but NGTS has the experience to find the value in your waste. Once we have evaluated your waste stream, we then present you a plan to reduce and eliminate your waste problem. In the event of the waste having value, we will purchase the material from you. Change your waste bill from a negative cost to positive income. As well as having the added value of not paying rental fees, tipping fees, and landfill charges. NGTS can make a noticeable difference in your company’s bottom line.
Plastic Recycling Services GA & TNNGTS purchases large volumes of the following recyclable plastics:

  • PA, PC, Acrylic, SAN, ABS, POM, PS, PP, PE, PBT, PPS, PEI, PERK, and PTFE.
  • Purge of any size: lumps, parts, and dunnnage.
  • PLA and thermoplastic scraps in the forms of films, trimmings, off cuts, regrinds, floor sweeps, pellets, and bottles.
  • Scrap rolls, bales, automotive parts, and mixed purging.
  • Dust, powders, repro, co-extrusions, semi-rigid, supported hose/ sheet, laminated, and all off spec material.
  • Used plastic equipment.
  • LLDPE and other LDPE scraps
  • HMWPE in all shapes and sizes.
  • Contaminated plastics, dirty plastics, ugly plastics, and mixed plastics.