BOPP Film Recycling

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BOPP Film Recycling

BOPP Film Recycling program is something we at NGTS recycling can help your company obtain. There are many important questions your company needs to ask about its current handling of BOPP Film:

  • If you are currently selling to other recyclers, are you certain that all the waste rolls are being destroyed properly? In many cases, rolls are resold as roll stock at a higher price for repackaging in China. This becomes a serious issue when branding is involved.
  • Are you handling your waste in the most efficient way? We offer containers, balers and drop trailers to ensure no double handling for your employees.
  • Do you need to reclaim material for your own reclaim line but do not have a way to process it or extra employees to cut film off master rolls? If so, we offer contract de-coring and baling services.
  • Often metal cages and cores are lost and damaged when dealing with some recyclers. We at NGTS Recycling provide rock solid accountability for your property to ensure this is never an issue.

BOPP Film Recycling involves several key pieces of equipment as well as a sizable investment which often makes it prohibitive for film producers concentrating on their core business of making packaging.

We have balers, guillotines, deslabbers, densifiers and personnel trained in BOPP Film Recycling.